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College Counsellor

Centralian Senior College has a full time school based counsellor whose role is to increase the capacity of the school to enhance the mental health and social and emotional wellbeing of the school community.  This is achieved by:
• Supporting students and their families by providing information, counselling, mediation, advocacy, referral and linkages with external agencies.
• Short term support and referrals for staff. 
• Promotion of the emotional and social wellbeing of the College community through whole school programmes (see link to the Love Bites programme) and information.
• Contribution to College policies and practices.
• Providing information to classes and facilitating sessions on topics of interest such as Asperger’s Syndrome, study skills, time management.
• Assistance to teachers by being involved in meetings with students/parents/carers, supporting students who are at academic risk and have any other social and emotional issues.

Useful Links

Bullying Love Bites
Relationships Mental Health
Legal Issues Parenting


Social and Emotional wellbeing Local Youth Services – Alice Springs

- Alice Springs Youth Accommodation Support Services (ASYASS) Ph 89534200
- Central Australian Aboriginal Congress
    o Youth Team – 89533633
    o Men’s Health – 89584567
- Central Australia Mental Health Service (CAMHS) Youth Team – 89515950
- Central Australia Women’s Legal Service (CAWLS) – 89524055, freecall 1800014055
- Headspace Central Australia – 89584544
- Relationships Australia – 89504100
- Sexual Assault Centre (SARC) - 89554500

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