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We offer a Course, Career and Transition Adviser who is available to provide advice to students and parents on such matters as individual student learning pathway plans, career pathways, university applications, traineeships, apprenticeships, work placements and work experience.

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Centralian Senior College provides the widest variety of courses available to senior years (Year 10, Stage 1 and Stage 2) students in Central Australia.  The main focus of the College’s educational program is to enable students to successfully complete their Northern Territory Certificate of Education & Training (NTCET).  The NTCET may be achieved via:
• a tertiary subject discipline approach
VET or school based apprenticeships/traineeships within  the Workplace Studies Program
• the integrated curriculum approach offered by our Gateways engagement program

Workplace Studies Program
The College provides a school to work transition program, the Workplace Studies Program, that enables students to incorporate vocational studies as a part of the NTCET and assists students to access school-based apprenticeships, full-time apprenticeships plus further training and employment.
The Workplace Studies Program is structured to allow students to more easliy complete relevant nationally accredited VET competencies and also fulfil the Stage 1 and Stage 2 pattern requirements for the NTCET.  As all students have different needs the program caters for this as students embark on individual programs that are tailored to the outcomes they require.  Flexibility is required in order to cater for VET subjects and workplace structures. 
Students can be School Based Apprentices (SBA’s). The school can provide the flexibility to allow students to undertake structured work places part time and attend school part time. They will also complete VET studies as required. This allows the SBA to work towards completing their apprenticeship while also working toward their NTCET. This is a flexible, individually negotiated program.

Alice Outcomes
Centralian Senior College also manages the Alice Outcomes Alternate Education program.  The program is staffed by a Senior College Manager, DET teachers and tutors and is run off-site at a DET facility at Kempe Street.  Alice Outcomes operates to provide an educational option for students unable to meet the requirements of a regular school timetable. The courses offered are NTOEC correspondence courses which are all accredited and allow students to complete their schooling from Year 8 through to completion of their NTCET. Students are also able to access the VET programs offered by CentralianSC once they are 15 years of age.

Alice Outcomes Young Carers Program
This program is open to anyone with a young child to care for who cannot access any other mainstream programs.  It offers two different streams of study.
• The first stream focuses on improving literacy and numeracy skills in conjunction with developing parenting skills in a range of areas, for example nutrition, accessing support services and working with students to ensure their child’s educational development is on track in preparation for accessing primary school.  This stream is aimed at preparing young carers who have been out of school for prolonged periods for accessing mainstream schooling, VET studies and the workforce.  It also aims to assist them in ensuring their children are prepared for their own school entry.
• The second stream is aimed at students who have only recently left school and have solid academic skills.  These students can access the parenting skills aspect of the first stream, however their academic studies will be provided by NTOEC courses, allowing them to continue working towards their NTCET.  This stream can also be tailored towards VET Studies and the workforce.
Both streams are very flexible and allow the carer to bring the children they are responsible for to school with them.

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