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Well Being

Student wellbeing is overseen by the Assistant Principal - Student Wellbeing and the Student Wellbeing Team. This group considers policies and procedures relating to student attendance, behaviour, academic performance and pathways and coordinating the Coaching personal development and Personal Learning Program (PLP) for all students.
Student wellbeing is the responsibility of all staff members at Centralian Senior College and the work of the Student Wellbeing Team is implemented by all Coaches and subject teachers.  Coaches individually mentor each student and are responsible for monitoring each student’s attendance, academic and social performance, for providing guidance on a range of issues, liaising with parents and generally supporting each student in achieving his/her goals.
The College has a significant number of specialist support staff assisting students and teachers including:

Course, Career and Transition Adviser
The Course, Career and Transition Adviser is available to provide advice to students and parents on such matters as individual student learning pathway plans, career pathways, university applications, traineeships, apprenticeships, work placements and work experience.

Home Liaison Officer (HLO)
The HLO shares responsibility for monitoring student attendance.  S/he contacts students’ homes to:
• inform parents if/when students are not attending classes
• foster and assist communication between the College and parents/carers
• refer parents where relevant to appropriate agencies or services for assistance or advice.

Counsellors are part of NT DET’s Student Services Division team whose collective job is to provide support and advisory services.  The College Counsellor may assist with:
• counselling sessions with students, teachers and parents to help resolve personal and/or professional problems
• behaviour management planning
• enhance the wellbeing of the College community through policy, procedure and program development
• liaison with and referral to other trained personnel within NT DET and/or other agencies.

Health Promoting School Nurse (HPSN)
The main role of the HPSN is to foster/enhance the ability of College students to make informed choices about issues which affect their everyday lives (including drugs, alcohol, sexual and general health).  This can occur on an individual, group or whole College community level and take many forms: classroom delivery with teachers, information for study and/or promotional activities for specific identified health issues (e.g. cancer awareness through Biggest Morning Tea).  Invitations and referrals to government and non-government organisations to promote the health and wellbeing of College students are also made by the HPSN.

First Aid
Reception Staff and many of our teachers are qualified to provide emergency first aid.

School Based Police Officer (SBPO)
The College community has access to a SBPO which aims to enhance positive connections between young people and the police, and to generally assist with law and order issues.

Aboriginal and Islander Education Worker (AIEW)
The AIEW supports both pastorally and academically Indigenous students with their curricula and extra-curricular activities.  S/he also assists with the academic and attendance tracking of students and visits families of Indigenous students.  Parents of Indigenous students are encouraged to contact the AIEW and be involved in their children's education.
The College employs a number of Tutors to support students with all aspects of their life at Centralian Senior College.
Regular meetings are held for parents/carers of Indigenous students, community members and teachers in order to address issues and assist in the development of programs that relate to Indigenous students.  This group may develop written submissions for funds for projects from the Commonwealth Department of Education, Employment & Workplace Relations (DEEWR) for Parent and Community Engagement (PACE) programs.  The AIEW is responsible for coordinating PACE projects at the College and facilitating the Indigenous Student Leadership and Mentorship (IMPACT) program.

Students with Special Needs
The College has a dedicated Special Needs Unit (Learning Central) with two Special Education Teachers, two Student Support Officers and Inclusion Support Assistants (ISAs) for students requiring additional support.  The College implements the NT DET Inclusion Policy and special need students participate in mainstream and Gateways classes (with support) wherever possible.
The Special Education teachers are responsible for providing support to teachers with special needs students (those who are identified as having specific learning difficulties) in their classes.  Where special needs students attend mainstream and Gateways classes the teacher in conjunction with the Special Education Teacher, supports and implements a negotiated Education Adjustment Plan (EAP) for the student.
Inclusion Support Assistants (ISAs) are employed by the Centralian SC Council with funds from NT DET’s Student Services Division.  ISAs provide one-on-one support to medium and high support needs students.

Alice Springs Football Academy (Clontarf) Mentors
Two mentors support male students in their College endeavours aiming to improve attendance and retention, with a focus on Indigenous students.  Australian Rules Football games, practices and trips / camps are arranged on a regular basis to encourage this improvement.

Centralian Girls Academy Mentors
Two mentors support female students in their College endeavours aiming to improve attendance and retention.  Sporting Activities, practices and trips/camps are arranged on a regular basis to encourage this improvement.

Alice Springs Partnership for Success (Polly Farmer)
A project coordinator intensively mentors Indigenous students via an after school Enrichment Centre program.  The Enrichment Centre provides tutoring, homework assistance, additional learning, computer access and recreational activities.  Participation in this program is by application.

Alice Outcomes Young Carers
This program is open to anyone with a young child to care for who cannot access any other mainstream programs.  It offers two different streams of study that are very flexible and allow the carer to bring the children they are responsible for to school with them.

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