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Subjects on offer for 2017

  1. Creative Arts(Events)

    In Creative Arts (Events) students will investigate the event management industry and the cultural and economic impact of events. They will develop skills in working as an artist in the collaborative production of an artistic project and will experience working as an event team in specific event management roles in the mounting of an event. This course will combine multiple arts disciplines in one event and focus on students working in an event worker capacity to develop understanding of the arts industry.

  2. Dance

    Students develop creative, technical, and physical understanding, and an appreciation of dance as an art form. Dance has its own specific language and processes that students learn in theory and practice through the study of technique, composition, choreography, performance, and critical analysis. Dance offers opportunities for the development of students’ creativity, self-discipline, self-esteem, personal identity, and confidence. This is achieved through experiences that encourage collaboration and creative problem-solving, the acquisition of skills, knowledge, and understanding, and the development of aesthetic awareness.

  3. Music

    Students learn either performance practice for solo or an ensemble instrument, music theory and music composition, or develop skills in music software. This course is for students with or without formal musical training.

  4. Creative Arts (Photography)

    Students use visual thinking and investigation to develop ideas and concepts, refine technical skills, and produce imaginative solutions.They learn to communicate personal ideas, beliefs, values, thoughts, feelings, concepts and opinions, and provide observations of their lived or imagined experiences in visual form.

  5. Drama

    Students acquire the skills and understanding to generate creative and imaginative solutions to the challenge of staging theatrical works. Drama values the exploration of all forms of learning, integrating the creative with the physical and the intellectual. Students analyse texts and other materials, performances, and their own learning. As students experience diverse perspectives and challenge their own imaginations, they have the opportunity to develop confidence in their own ideas.

  6. Visual Arts

    Students produce resolved artworks, working together on collaborative artistic projects. This is supported by developmental works in using materials/technique and an exploration of historical and contemporary artworks. An explorative research project is based on a chosen artist or technique. It emphasises visual thinking, investigation, the ability to develop ideas and concepts, refine technical skills, and produce imaginative solutions.