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Learnline: Education over the internet

Centralian Senior College has partnered with Charles Darwin University to share the use of their online learning management system called Learnline.
It’s a closed, safe environment that is password protected, where our students will have the chance to do some class activities electronically.
Students will still have teachers who they see regularly for lessons, but some lessons may include independent activities set by the teacher through Learnline. 
Learnline also gives students a way of getting assignment sheets, class information, resources or watch class videos again anytime they need to as long as they have access to the internet- even from home or anywhere else in the world. 
Students can also download resources at school to use offline at home.
Students might also participate in live online classes through Collaborate, where they will have online classes with students in their physical class or with students from other schools doing the same subject from their home school.
Many universities and other training organisations and workplaces use similar ways to help their students and workers learn. We want our students to be ready for the next stage in their learning and so we are encouraging students to make use of this resource.
If you have any questions about how this will work for your family, please contact martin.yeaman@ntschools.net