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Whilst Centralian Senior College encourages students to take responsibility for their own behaviour and has established and operates in a developing adult learning environment, our duty of care requires that a number of rules are in place.  All students are expected to comply with these rules and expectations.

Student Expectations Code
Centralian Senior College is committed to providing all students with an excellent education and ensuring that all who study in this institution benefit as much as possible from the experience.  We wish to provide students with the teaching and supervision that appropriately reflects our aims of: excellence; the provision of modern and efficient facilities; providing special attention to any disadvantaged groups; and providing care and attention to the interests of all students, both collectively and individually.  All students can expect to be offered considerable support and assistance.

In order to achieve optimum benefits from their studies all students are expected to:    
• make themselves aware of and obey all Centralian Senior College rules and regulations pertaining to their rights and responsibilities
• attend all classes, assemblies and coaching sessions as scheduled
• meet all assessment deadlines
• prepare adequately
• participate actively and positively in educational processes
• raise questions or concerns about any aspect of College life with the appropriate person in a timely and respectful manner
• submit honest work which is their own and be aware of and meet the requirements of other’s rights and responsibilities regarding proper use of copyright material
• support the student leadership group - Student Representative Council
• participate in the functioning of the College and provide constructive feedback on the teaching and learning environment
• treat all staff and all other students with respect and courtesy

Each student is expected to attend each day and every class in which s/he is enrolled.  If absent (other than for an approved excursion) a student is required to provide an explanation – by phone   (on 8958 5000) or note from his / her parent or carer.  A note should be presented to Reception when they return.

Banned Items and Substances
For environmental, security, and / or health and safety reasons the following are not to be used at the College or during College functions:

• alcohol, tobacco or any illicit drug
• weapons of any type
• aerosol spray cans
• laser lights.

Dress Code
There is not a compulsory uniform at Centralian Senior College however Occupational Health and Safety requirements dictate the need for certain items of clothing to be worn for particular activities.  For example closed-in shoes must be worn in Science laboratories, kitchens, workshops and for Physical Education practical classes.

Library Use & other CDU Facilities
The Library is a shared facility with Charles Darwin University and as such operates as an adult learning environment.  Students are expected to conduct themselves accordingly, respecting the rights of all other users to have a quiet and effective learning space in which to work.
All Centralian Senior College & Charles Darwin University (CDU) rules apply to Centralian Senior College students whilst in the Library and / or any other area of CDU, including the Coffee Shop.

Under the terms of the NT Tobacco Control Act students and visitors are prohibited from smoking on any government school / College grounds and / or on related transport. 
Student Vehicles
Students (with an appropriate driver’s license) may drive cars / ride motor bikes to and from the College.  Without exception students are to park vehicles in the designated rear student car parks between the Higher Education and Desert Lantern buildings.  The College accepts no responsibility for any damage to vehicles that occurs whilst they are parked on CDU or College premises.

Identification (ID) Cards
Students are supplied with a Centralian Senior College Student ID Card that enables them to receive discounts and concessions at various stores and venues.  The Library also issues each student an ID Card to enable them to borrow books and access a variety of other resources.  Replacement of ID cards will be at a cost to the student.

Individual storage lockers are available to students for a rental fee of $10 per year.  Please see Reception Staff regarding conditions.

Bus Passes
Bus travel for all students is free.  Students access free bus travel by presenting their Student ID to the driver.

Government Youth Allowances
Financial assistance is available to secondary and tertiary students 16 years and over who meet specified criteria.  Abstudy is available to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students undertaking full-time secondary studies who:
• identify as an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander
• are full-time students at an approved secondary college
• are at least 15 years of age at 1 January the year of application
• attend classes regularly.
Arrangements may be made with Centrelink for direct payment of Parent Contributions and Fees.  Details are available from Centrelink.

Student Behaviour Management
Teachers refer instances of unacceptable behaviour, breaches of college rules and / or repeated cases of poor behaviour by completing an Incident Report.  Incident Reports are sent to the year level coordinators or an Assistant Principal and are placed on student files at Reception.  If an incident is of a serious nature parents will be contacted.
Under s24 of the NT Education Act a student may be suspended from the College for a period up to and including 20 school days for behaviour that is considered by the head teacher to:  be injurious to the health or moral welfare of other persons enrolled at the school, by reason of the person’s insolence, repeated disobedience, immoral conduct or serious breach of discipline.

Evacuation Drills
The College has regular fire and emergency evacuation drills. Details of evacuation procedures are posted throughout the building.  All students, staff and visitors must follow emergency evacuation procedures when an alarm is sounded.

All students ceasing enrolment at Centralian Senior College must complete the appropriate procedures and complete a Leavers' Form, indicating that all of the College's materials have been returned in good order.  Coaches and teacheres should sign a student's Leavers' Form.