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Examination and Reporting

Examinations Timeline
A range of Year 10 and NTCET courses include one or more examinations as part of assessment requirements.  Year 10 and Stage 1 examinations are generally held at the conclusion of courses - during Weeks 18 and / or 19 of each semester.  For Stage 2 courses examinations are generally held near the end of Term 2, Week 31 – start of Term 4 (for Trial Examinations) and Weeks 35-37 of Term 4 (for SACE Board External Examinations).

Reporting Timeline
Centralian Senior College employs a number of means of communication with parents in order to keep them informed of their student's progress.  Formal reporting occurs regularly with:
Written Reports

A variety of written reports are provided throughout the year and include:
• For Year 10s & 11s - A mid-semester Progress Report (with comments) in Week 10 of each semester and a Transcript Report at the end of each semester providing a summary of achievement in each course with an for Year 10s and Year 11s.
• For Year 12s - Progress Reports (with comments) issued in Weeks 10 (Term 1) and 22 (during Term 3). At the end of the year, Northern Territory Board of Studies / SACE Board of SA provide a final summary of student achievement in each course with an A+ to E- Grade.

Parent Teacher Interview Evenings
These meetings are held at varying times throughout the year. Parents will be notified through the College Newsletters
Parents are always welcome to contact the College on 8959 5500 at any time to discuss their student's progress.