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The Course, Career and Transition Adviser is responsible for the enrolment of students at CentralianSC.  The Course, Career and Transition Adviser will conduct an interview with each family before enrolment is processed. To make an appointment please call on 8958 5000.

We understand that making the transition from Year 9 to Year 10 is a very important educational step and welcome the opportunity to build a three year relationship with students. Our Course, Career and Transition Adviser works with Year 9 students to make this transition as smooth as possible. Most students complete a Personal Learning Plan to help identify future goals and assist with subject selection. Students are given a tour of the campus and have the opportunity to meet teachers and support staff.  Our aim is to make students feel as comfortable, informed, familiar and as welcome as possible.


To enable us to best cater for your child, parents and carers are requested to bring the following completed documents and information to the enrolment interview.  These can be collected from the front office, emailed,  faxed or downloaded here.

Centralian Senior College enrolment kit


Copy of Birth Certificate - A copy of a Birth Certificate must be provided at the enrolment interview. If you do not have a copy there are several ways to obtain a copy. Visit http://www.nt.gov.au/law/bdm/apply-for-birth-death-or-marriage-certificate

 or call Births, Deaths & Marriages NT on 8951 5339.

 In addition to the above documentation, if transferring from a local non-Government school or from Interstate:

  • Proof of Australian Citizenship or Visa and Passport if not an Australian citizen
  • Copy of medical records – e.g. asthma or diabetes if applicable
  • Copy of student file from previous school
  • Copy of most recent school reports
  • Contact details of person from previous school for additional information
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