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Responsibilities of Parties

Teachers are required to:

• Ensure that each student is issued with a subject Assessment Plan by Week 4 of each course outlining formative and summative assessments appropriate to the subject and year level
• Ensure that all summative assessments are provided in writing to students with due date, task requirements, word length, weighting and assessment criteria clearly indicated
• Negotiate with students if homework cannot be completed by the due date (due to ill health, family/personal problems, other extraordinary commitments and/or extenuating circumstances)
• Explain to students the consequences of not completing homework on time and if appropriate impose and supervise catch-up sessions/detentions for students who do not comply
• Contact a parent/guardian by telephone or in writing when a student repeatedly fails to complete homework and each time a summative assessment task is not completed by the due date.

Students are required to:

• Allocate appropriate time to undertake personal study and complete all homework as set course.
• Independently and regularly revise work covered in class.
• Negotiate prior to the due date with each teacher if tasks cannot be completed by the due date.

Students should also:

• Learn to plan their work taking into account family, sporting, cultural and/or employment commitments and social activities as well as the commitment required for assessment timelines.
• Recognise that some subjects have more homework demands than others but that one subject should not receive so much time that others are neglected.
• Discuss any problems they have with homework or study plans with an appropriate person (e.g. parents, Mentors, subject teachers, Career Advisers, Managers, an Assistant Principal and / or the Principal).

Parents are asked to support the College by:

• Facilitating a student’s sound study habits.
• Providing notice to a subject teacher (by telephone, email or note) of any reason's for a student’s homework not being completed by the due date.