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Mobile Phone Policy

Centralian Senior College is aware that mobile phones have a significant impact on our students’ lives and that advances in technology make them far more than just a phone.  The school understands this technology is part of our world and parents often support their young people having mobile phones for safety reasons.  Student responsibility for the appropriate use of personal electronic devices at school is required at all times and must be in accordance with, and reflect our college values and expectations.  This mobile phone policy aims to promote a safe environment for both teachers and students.  Whilst mobile phones are the key focus of this policy, any device that has access to social media, or has the capability to capture images or video, is also covered in this policy.

Should a student choose to bring their phone to school, they do so at their own risk and must follow the expectations set out in this policy with regards to its use.  The college will not be responsible for lost, stolen or damaged phones.

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