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The College is co-located with Charles Darwin University (CDU) on spacious grounds on Grevillea Drive (Alice Springs) and provides all the facilities necessary in a modern Senior College.
Specialist facilities provided include:

Year 12 Study Centre

The Year 12 Study Centre is located at the eastern side of the College building.  A wide range of up to date materials on careers and information on courses and admission requirements from tertiary institutions around Australia is located near the internal entrance.  The Course, Career and Transition Adviser is available to discuss career and further education options with students and parents.

Open Learning Area’s

The College has three Open Learning Areas equipped with computers, projectors and interactive whiteboards plus two fully equipped computer laboratories with the hardware and software required for contemporary teaching and learning.  These two computer laboratories are available for classes (under the supervision of a teacher) and the Open Learning Areas may be accessed by both classes and individual students.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Many classrooms also include interactive whiteboards and presentation projectors.

On enrolment all students and parents/carers sign an ICT Acceptable Use Agreement. In doing so students agree that they will use College computers for appropriate College related class work and activities only.  All College computers are monitored and any inappropriate usage will result in access being limited or withdrawn.  Students are not permitted to share their password/access with other students.

If students have good attendance, they may be issued with laptops to take home as per current college policy. These laptops remain the property of the college.

Science Laboratories

Specialised Science laboratories are used for specific disciplines including Biology, Chemistry and Physics.  Laboratories are well resourced and maintained by a laboratory technician.

Home Economics & Catering Facilities.

There is a specialist Home Economics room resourced with appropriate equipment and utensils for food preparation and catering.  Students also have access to the CDU Desert Lantern Restaurant for VET cookery, hospitality and bartending courses.


The CDU Library offers a wide range of resources to support teaching and learning in the College.  During school terms it is open 8.00am - 7.00pm Monday to Thursday, 8.00am - 4.00pm Friday and 10.00am - 1.00pm Saturday.  The Library complex is equipped with College networked computers and contains three seminar rooms.


Drama and Dance facilities are conducted in the fully functioning Theatrette complex that seats 250 people and consists of a stage, classroom, dressing rooms and storerooms.

Visual Arts

Visual Arts rooms are located on the ground floor and are very well resourced with the ICT equipment required for all types of art work and design.  The Visual Arts area also contains a darkroom for photography development and a fully equipped ceramics studio.

Music Room and Recording Studio

The Music area is situated on the ground floor across from Reception and consists of a classroom, a practice room and a fully equipped recording studio.

Gymnasium & Weights Room

The Gymnasium is a large fully air-conditioned facility suitable for a variety of sports including indoor hockey, soccer, cricket, volleyball, basketball, and gymnastics.  A well equipped Weights Room is attached to the Gymnasium and is available to staff.  Students who have undertaken the appropriate registration procedures may also use the weights room.

Other Sporting Facilities – Oval & Basketball Courts

In addition to the Gymnasium and Weights Room the College has an oval for Australian Rules Football, Rugby League, Rugby Union and Cricket.  Outdoor basketball courts are also available.

Coffee Shop

Students have access to the CDU Coffee Shop located next to the library.  The Coffee Shop is open before classes commence and during recess and lunch breaks, providing a range of hot foods as well as sandwiches and drinks.

Conference Room

The Conference Room is located in the administration area on the ground floor and accommodates up to 16 people.  It is used for a variety of purposes including College Council meetings and professional development workshops.


Students are able to rent lockers for individual storage of laptops, textbooks and materials through Reception.


The Library is a shared facility with Charles Darwin University and as such operates as an adult learning environment.  Students are expected to conduct themselves accordingly, respecting the rights of all other users to have a quiet and effective learning space in which to work.
All Centralian Senior College & Charles Darwin University (CDU) rules apply to Centralian Senior College students whilst in the Library and / or any other area of CDU, including the Coffee Shop.