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College Routine

Arrival and Departure Times
The College is open from 8:00am to 4:21pm each day with the Library available for extended hours in the evenings Tuesday to Thursday.  Start and finish times for students vary according to individual timetables with students having classes from 8:25am to 2.55pm.  Students are expected to attend all timetabled classes for enrolled courses including Mentoring lessons and assemblies.

All students are expected to attend classes punctually, to be prepared for each class by bringing the necessary equipment and by having completed the required homework.  Students may be expected to work on their own or to engage in group activities but each student must submit his/her own work for summative assessment.  Please refer to the Centralian Senior College Assessment Policy for more information on summative assessment requirements.

Assemblies are held on a regular basis throughout each term in the Theatrette.  It is either a whole College or combined year level meeting where information is shared between staff and students, presentations are made, special achievements are celebrated and special activities held.

All Centralian Senior College students are individually mentored as they undertake the timetabled coaching program course, comprising personal development and pastoral care. The Mentor offers guidance to students concerning wellbeing, appropriate behaviour, attitude and dress, oversees attendance and maintains communications between students and the College.  The Mentor is the primary communication link between the College and parents/carers.  Each Mentor coordinates the official assessment reports for each student and generally supports each student in his/her care in achieving their goals.  Meetings between Mentors and students occur on a regular basis as timetabled.