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Centralian SC was established in 2005 and occupies the former Sadadeen High School building officially opened 19 October 1979. With approximately 450 students Centralian SC is co-located and works cooperatively with Charles Darwin University (CDU) to provide quality educational programs and services.  Centralian SC values underpin all our work and are as follows: Centralian SC is the largest senior secondary education provider in Alice Springs. The College motto is for “excellence in all that we do”. We believe that a student’s success is dependent upon maximising their learning within the ‘Instructional Core’. This instructional core is the connection between teacher, student and learning. Linking factors include the:

  • student’s community connections to family and culture. 
  • teacher’s relationship with the student.
  • teacher’s skill to develop the right learning programs.

To this end, Centralian  SC has a team of highly skilled professional and dedicated staff who are offering an extensive range of vibrant courses for students in Years 10 to 12. Our programs are delivered within modern facilities with cutting edge technology, which provides our students with the opportunity to build their own personal learning plan, with real pathways into the workforce, further training or higher education.
Centralian SC has maintained a well deserved reputation for success over many years, with students and staff achieving outstanding results in many fields.  Results for students in previous years were exceptional and highlights include:

  • ATAR average is maintained above N.T average
  • Regularly have the top Indigenous student in the N.T
  • Every year we have students ranked in the N.T top 20, with the top 1 in 2010
  • Stage 2 results include many students achieving perfect scores
  • Indigenous NTCET completion rates are significantly higher than nearly all other schools in the N.T

We also encourage and value student involvement in extra-curricular activities.  Students can participate in a wide range of sporting activities, student leadership opportunities, science, mathematics and technology competitions, Wearable Arts competition, art exhibitions, drama productions, study tours and camps.  The package of programs provided at Centralian SC aims to develop each student’s self worth and to instil a desire for the pursuit of excellence.  It also aims to provide students with a sound basis upon which to make realistic choices in their post-school life.

The learning journey for each senior secondary student is an exciting one and all the staff at Centralian Senior College look forward to sharing in and supporting your son or daughter’s journey.

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